CHEW THE WORD by Teryila Solomon Addi

CHEW THE WORD by Teryila Solomon Addi

Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth, II Timothy 2:15

I knew Teryila Solomon Addi as a young convert in Gboko more than two decades ago. He was quite zealous for the things of God and has maintained that fervency to date. Little did I know though that he was going to commit his life to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the magnitude we are seeing today! We give all glory to God.

We have many in the Church today, though educated in the things of God but show or take no interest in reading. This is nonchalance. Reverend Addi has challenged the church to sit up, to store scriptures by heart and to keep scriptures at the finger tips. He attempted to break the scriptures into smaller “chewable” bits.

Thy word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against thee.

In difficult times or moments of sorrow it is the word of God one remembers in one’s heart that helps one. Our brother, in this book has taught one to study and to exercise ourselves in the knowledge of the scriptures. He has asked questions that will lead one to search the scriptures, simply put in his word “Chew the Word”.

I wish to recommend this write up to the house – hold of faith.



Peace House, Gboko


Sweeter Than Honey, A taste of the New Testament through 700 Questions and Answers by Teryila Solomon Addi

Sweeter Than Honey, A taste of the New Testament through 700 Questions and Answers by Teryila Solomon Addi

Sweeter than Honey is written to enable the reader get deep into the New Testament of the Holy Bible.

            It is aimed at taking the reader through the New Testament in various ways as evidenced in the nine chapters.  The reader is expected to attempt supplying the answer(s) before looking them up in the answer section.  It is recommended for Bible students of all levels, the young, the old, generally Christians and non-Christians alike who wish to taste the honey- like nature of the Word.

            In my ministerial work in the Para church, the church and with students of secondary and tertiary institutions in West Africa, I observed a peripheral knowledge of the Word.  In contrast, my interaction with people of other faiths revealed that they handle their scriptures with more seriousness and zeal in order to transmit same to subsequent generations.  This became a burden to me and has led to the compilation of this book.  I believe this book will not only be handy, easy to understand but also attractive and bring the reader into God’s very presence and grace through its realities.

            The Fill in the Gap section is meant to provide ready answers to some rhetoric questions often asked by some preachers.  The True or False section and the Direct Questions are prepared to stimulate the reader into deeper meditation with an intention to analyzing and synthesizing the concerned scripture.  Characteristics of people and places are meant to supply the reader with first hand tips about the character or place concerned.  This can be a useful tool for both personal and group devotions.  The importance of reciting scripture needs no over emphasis.  Jesus defeated Satan through the Word (Luke 4:3-12).  This section is meant for equipping the reader especially in our generation when scripture reading and recitation is waning in popularity among believers.  Location and fulfillment of Messianic prophecies as found in the New Testament is also included just as the parables of Jesus Christ and their locations are here to equip the reader on the number and nature of Jesus’ parables written in the New Testament.

            I strongly uphold that the compilation and setting out of the elements of this book in such a simple manner which though not exhaustive but adequate, will draw many to Christ, have meaningful devotion and meditation as well as obtain skeletal information for sermon preparations and or general Bible Study from the New Testament.


22 Laws of Creativity by Solomon Adesanya, Otakada.org

22 Laws of Creativity

by Solomon Adesanya, Otakada.org

The earth is not a product of a big bang, but a product of a big plan by a big CREATOR.

God made the heavens and the earth and everything in it. He organized everything so perfectly that even a blind man would recognize the hand of a super being in the creation of everything we see; the sun, the moon, the stars, the sky, the rainbow, the oceans, mountains, trees, birds, beast and of course mankind.

The first attribute of God recorded in the bible was his creative ability.

In the beginning God created… (Gen 1:1)

This being (God) must be so detailed and infinitely creative. He came from nothing, yet he created something out of nothing, and he hung what he created on nothing!

He stretches out the north over empty space; He hangs the earth on nothing (Job 26:7 NKJV).

This being must be supreme, his creativity is immeasurable, and his Ingenuity is matchless.

After all He made, He made mankind to be like him and function like him

Then God said “and now, we will make human beings, they will be like us and resemble us (Gen 1:26 TEV)

You and I resemble God, we are like him. In other words, if God is creative, we are also creative. If God needed to make use of his creativity to birth his dream, you and I would need to make use of the creative ability he deposited in each of us to birth our dreams; to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.

Creativity is therefore a vital tool in the journey of success.


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Our Daily Manna July – September 2019 A Devotional For Champions by Bishop (Dr.) Chris E. Kwakpovwe in epub

Our Daily Manna July – September 2019 A Devotional For Champions by Bishop (Dr.) Chris E. Kwakpovwe in epub

JULY 2019 Day 28 – CYCLE OF LIFE!


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I got  this  and  I  believe  it  will  bless  you  in  this  season:  It  talks about the cycle of life and the vanity of humanity: At  1  year  old,  success  is  when  you  can  walk  without  support!  At  4 years  old,  success  is  when’  you  no  longer  urinate  in  your  pants.  At 8  years  old,  success  is  when  you  know  your  way  back  home  from school.  At  12  years  old,  success  is  to  have  friends  and  to  have finished  first  level  school  (primary).  At  18  years  old,  success  is when  you  have  finished  your  secondary  education  and  you  can  get a  driving  license.  At  23  years  old,  success  is  when  you  have graduated  from  a  university.  At  25  years  old,  success  is  when  you start  earning  an  income.  At  30  years  old,  success  is  when  you  are  a family  man.  At  35  years  old,  success  is  to  make  money.  At  45  years old,  success  is  to  maintain  the  appearance  of  a  young  man.  At  50 years  old,  success  is  to  provide  good  education  for  your  children.

At  55  years  old,  success  could  be defined  as  still  being  able  to perform  your  duties  well.  At  60 years  old,  success  could  be measured  by  your  ability  to  still keep  your  driving  license  (Remember  Queen  Elizabeth’s  husband whose  license  was  taken  off  him  at  90+).  At  65  years  old,  success could  be  defined  as  living  without  any  kind  of  disease.  Then  at  70 years  old,  success  is  when  you  are  not  a  burden  on  anyone  including your  children.  Also,  at  70  years  old,  success  is  when  you  can  BE THANKFUL  DAILY  FOR  THE  GIFT  OF  LONG  LIFE!  Remember that  many  who  had  the  same  birthday  with  you,  did  not  reach  70  or beyond!  At  75  years  old,  success  is  your  ability  to  still  have  some  of your  old  friends.  At  81  years  old,  success  is  when  you  can  know your  way  back  home  without  being  guided  or  reminded  (people tend  to  forget  things  as  they  grow  old).  Funny  but  true!  At  86  years old,  success  is  when  you  do  not  urinate  in  your  pants  again. Remember  our  definition  of  success  at  4  years  old?  Oh  indeed,  the cycle  of  life  is  beginning  to  be  complete!  At  90  years  old,  success  is when  you  can  walk  without  support  again  (Remember  our  above definition of success at year 1)?

Wow!  Indeed,  LIFE  IS  A  CYCLE!  It  starts  and  winds  down to  the  same  spot  and  that  was  why  Solomon  screamed the  word,  “VANITY”  38  times  in  the  Book  of  Ecclesiastes! Ah!  Life!  Don’t  expect  too  much  from  it!  Live  simple!  Be  happy  by force  no  matter  your  battles  or  mistakes!  C.  S.  Lewis  crafted:  “You can’t  go  back  and  change  the  beginning,  but  you  can  start  where you are and change the ending.”



Escape To A World Of Understanding Antidote to Hatred Against Muslims, Christians and People Everywhere in epub by Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe

Escape To A World Of Understanding

 Antidote to Hatred Against Muslims, Christians and People Everywhere


Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe


“Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” – Rick Joyner

Have you ever imaged a world without wars, terrorism, corruption, islamophobia, crusades, jihads, hunger, strive, racism, fights, divorce, natural disasters, disease, poverty and death? Is it possible for people to live in harmony, unity and peace? Can you and I look at the person on the other side of the room, community or the world with a heart of understanding rather than suspicion?


In the last 100 years or more, humanity continue to make giant leaps in discoveries about our world, people, places and things and yet peace seems to elude us and love has become a scarce commodity. The knowledge we have accumulated over the years continue to be applied rightly or wrongly based on the accuracy of the information at our disposal and depth of our understanding.

As a Christian, I have written this book to call to our brothers and sisters in Christ to a heart of understanding based on the foundation of love towards Muslims and members of other faiths or believe system outside our own. This will also open the eyes of members of other faith towards the Christian faith so wise decision can be made as we pilgrim this planet full of human beings. Solomon, the wisest king who ever lived says in the book of Proverbs 4:7 “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”


Wisdom is the application of knowledge but in applying this knowledge, we need an understanding heart. We cannot have an understanding heart without love. At the end of this book, you will gain an understanding heart towards others, those of other faiths and especially towards Muslims to help you deal wisely.



Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe



“This incredible Well Researched Non-Fictional Masterpiece has brought Depth and Clarity to a Controversial Topic” — Yusufu Turaki PhD.


“Thank You for the write-up on need to reach out to Muslims. They continue to be a blessing to me and may you continue to know God’s wisdom and direction in Jesus name. Amen” – Arch. Gboyega Oyinloye


“History make us see things differently and understand better so as to act with knowledge and wisdom. If only our country can write and teach her true history from elementary level, I am sure things would be different and better. Thank you, my brother. May God bless your effort” – Ms. Nicole Okeke.


“This is a great one. True sincere seeker of God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will always hear Him. My wife is from Muslim family testifies to this all the time” – Dr. Daniel Obaka