A Review of the Berean Standard Bible.

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I purchased this Bible in genuine cowhide leather. The edition I chose was Atlantic blue. It was listed as, “Genuine Leather – Tosca Cowhide Atlantic.” You can look at the product page via this link. I wasn’t aware that another edition had been published. When I saw that it had, I purchased one. The last Bible I received from the folks who run Biblehub.com was the Berean Study Bible. Keep in mind, this Bible does not come with a storage box.

The most impressive things about this edition in my opinion are as follows;

1. It was printed, and bound in the United States, not China.

2. It was priced very competitively. (Proving you don’t need to go overseas.)

3. The form factor is about perfect, in my subjective opinion.

4. The paper is excellent.

5. The quality, in toto, is excellent.

6. This translation is easy to read, without being dumbed down, or neutered to fit an extra-biblical agenda.

All of that considered, here is a citation from the product page linked above detailing the vital stats.

“The text is 9.5 pt. Cambria font, printed on high quality 39 gsm Thincoat Plus Bible paper that is also ideal for highlighting and note taking.

SKU: 9781944757090
Color: Dark Blue-green
Dimensions: 6.15 x 8.5 x 1.25
Page Count:1504

There are three ribbon markers. This edition includes decorative head, and tail bands, that are gold in color matching the ribbons. The ribbons seem to be high quality, and the ends are seared. The cowhide leather cover is moderately textured, perimeter stitched, with a paper interior liner. The perimeter stitching is an additional step that aids in the durability of the cover. Since the interior liner is paper, and it connects the text-block to the cover, it cannot be said to be edge-lined. This edition is case-bound, though you couldn’t tell by how flexible this edition is. It is just as flexible as some of the edge-lined Bibles out there. The cover gives the impression of being tougher than some of the garment grade goatskin covers I’ve seen recently. If you have purchased a sub $200, edge-lined, goatskin Bible, it is more than likely cheaper grade goatskin. The Highland goatskin covers on Jongbloed produced Bibles is significantly higher quality. The spine of this edition is smyth-sewn. The Spine is hot-stamped with gold colored foil. It says, “Holy Bible” at the head, and, “Berean Standard Bible” towards the center. There are four mildly pronounced decorative spine hubs. I think it is tastefully done.

The text-block has rounded corners, and spine. These features help to reduce the premature wear, and tear of the pages. The paper is 39 g.s.m. This is some thick paper, but since this edition lacks any maps, concordance, or other helps, the thinness is maintained. The page edges are gilt. As I mentioned before, this is pretty much the perfect sized Bible, for almost all occasions. The price is under $90. It is a true bargain, and good value.

If you aren’t familiar with this translation, the best way I could describe it to you, is that it is a pleasure to read, much like the N.I.V. was from 1984-2010 before it adopted a gender neutrality disorder. It is important to mention, this is not a dynamic equivalent translation like the N.I.V. This does seem to be more of a formal equivalence translation.

Now for all the pictures. Remember to check out my album of pictures on the Flickr page by clicking this link. If you click on the pictures in this review, they will take you to the high resolution, full sized picture on my Flickr page. It helps to get a closer look.

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