An Added Grace | Remembering Anthony C. Thiselton

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Anthony C. Thiselton, 1937–2023 Thiselton Anthony

My first encounter with Professor Thiselton had taken place at Wheaton College in 1980 or 1981. As an undergraduate philosophy major, I attended the annual philosophy conferences that Arthur Holmes used to organize, bringing such luminaries as Nicholas Wolterstorff, Alvin Plantinga, and George Mavrodes to campus year after year to deliver lectures that mostly soared right over the heads of relative beginners like me.  

One year the theme was hermeneutics, so of course (because The Two Horizons had just been published) Dr. Holmes invited Prof. Thiselton, and, miraculously Prof. Thiselton was able to accept. He was not a regular participant, so he was unaware of the usual level of the papers. When he stood to speak,

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