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Audio Book Review: Censorshipped by Savannah Scott

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I absolutely LOVED this audio book! It is book four in the Getting Shipped series and each book in the series focuses on another couple from a tight knit friend group in the town of Bordeaux (pronounced Bored Ox). I have only read the book directly before this one so I can attest that you can definitely jump in and enjoy the stories even if you haven’t read the previous ones, however, I’m sure that it is even more fun to read them from the beginning. I plan to go back and read the entire series.

The dual narrators for Duke and Shannon were simply perfect. They captured the playfulness of these two characters and I found myself laughing out loud so many times in this story! They also captured the hearts of the characters, as well. Duke and Shannon were so special. I loved listening as they began to realize that they both cared for each other secretly as more than friends. The conversation that Duke overheard from Shannon’s phone call was perfectly timed and I loved his inner dialogue as he listened in, including the promise to himself to wear his cap backwards forever from then on!

This is a clean romantic comedy with lots of swoony moments and sizzling chemistry between two people who must finally be brave enough to admit what their hearts have felt for so long. Yet, what will happen when Shannon’s brother realizes that his sister and best friend have fallen in love?

I so enjoyed this wonderful story and it is definitely one that I will be re-reading.

(5 stars)

I received a complimentary copy of this audio book. I also own an ebook copy. All opinions are my own.


I am finally over my crush on Duke. Completely done.

Duke’s always been like a big brother to me … a big brother with abs of steel, a heart of gold, and those dimples that make my heart rate double whenever he smiles.

As far as Duke’s concerned, I’ll always be his best friend Chris’ little sister—the little girl who dunked his Darth Vader action figure in Elmers glue and glitter.

Even if Duke noticed me, it wouldn’t matter. I’m so off limits, I may as well be wearing an outfit made entirely of caution tape. We both know Chris would enlist a special ops tactical team to hunt Duke down if he ever pursued anything beyond friendship with me.

Good thing I’m over Duke. One hundred percent attraction-free, that’s me. Well, mostly … until I accidentally send him one of my usual scrambled texts (thank you, autocorrect) … and he thinks I’m hitting on him.

I’m mortified enough to momentarily consider relocating someplace obscure like Greenland. I can never show my face around town again. I’ll buy a parka and an ice pick and learn to love fish. A lot.

But then Duke answers my text …
Am I dreaming? He’s not mad. He’s not even making fun of me.
In fact, it seems like he might be flirting back

I guess I might not be completely over this crush after all.

Just don’t tell my brother.




Savannah Scott loves writing happily-ever-after romcoms with scenes where kisses make you melt. Her characters feel like long lost friends, and the settings make you want to take off on a road trip to visit. You will smile. You will laugh. Yes. You will need coffee because you stayed up past your bedtime reading. Sorry, not sorry. If you can’t find Savannah, she’s probably hiding with a book, dancing Zumba, or going a little crazy being the fun carpool mom who cranks the tunes and always goes through the drive-thru for copious amounts of sugar and fat on the way home from school. (Can you keep a secret? I thought so. Savannah also writes as Patty H Scott, which is the Clark Kent to her Superman. If you like clean romance, check out Patty’s books.)


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