Partnership Opportunities – Matthew 6:10 Day 64 of 90

Partnership Opportunities – Matthew 6:10

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Thursday 3rd, December 2020

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Title: Partnership Opportunities + 90 Days Global Matthew 6:10 Prayers and Fasting for the nations day 64 of 90

Partnership Opportunities - Matthew 6:10
Bibles for mission Fields

Friends, 26 more days to the end of Matthew 6:10 prayers for the nations where we are enforcing God’s kingdom and His plans over *self, family members, the global body of Christ, our nation and the nations of the world as priest and kings unto our God on the earthly realm.*

We are ambassadors of Christ, manifesting Himself through as His eyes, ears, heart, mouthpiece and legs in all realms.

In the course of the 90 days prayers and fasting which began on October 1st, 2020,  we say “yes” to our heavenly Father concerning His plans and purposes on the earth realm.
I understand that His plans will not automatically come to pass in our lives.  We must permit it by submitting my will to His will. In nutshell, I must partner with Him because two have to agree before they can work or walk together in the same direction.

In the book *God’s will: Our dwelling place,* Andrew Murray writes:

_*And then, there is God’s will in His eternal, worldwide purpose. The vision of the will that embraces all creation has made me part of it. It has made His own glory dependent on its and my own destiny. It enlarges my heart to feel that my true and only glory is to yield myself as a willing instrument to its service, and to live only so that His will may triumph throughout the whole earth.*_

There is nothing on this planet more exciting to know than this: In the midst of all the grand things God has purposed for this earth, He remembered us. In His remembrance, He dreamed us right in the middle of it. He intends for us to play a part in the infolding of His master dream for all generation and for all time.

All He ask you and me today is –

*_“Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart..” Hebrew 3:15_*

*Opportunity for Partnership*

You can partner with Otakada Cyber Church as led in five ways to reach souls for Christ and equip the saints for work of ministry in their local context as follows:

*1) Partnership for Holy Bible Distribution to the Mission fields*

Following our last request for bibles, an elderly widow made a donation for some Bible – (picture attached) which will head of to the mission field by next week latest.

Following that announcement, we have had request from other evangelist for Hausa bibles for the South West. The earlier request are heading to the North West and South East.

Including shipment, a Bible cost between $5 to $10 a piece.. If you are prompted by the Holy Spirit, follow the donation link or chat me privately

*Donation link* : https://tithe.ly/give?c=308311

May the Lord bless our mother in the Lord abundantly as she has committed to supporting the work of reaching souls for Christ in Jesus name, amen.

Our prayer is that the Holy Spirit will brood over these Holy Bibles to the intent that it will speak volumes to the soul that receive it, melting stony heart in a way preaching cannot in Jesus name, Amen

Note: Many have received Christ just by bible encounter..Our God just need willing hearts to partner with Him

*2) Partnership for content creation and distribution*

By the second quarter of next year, we shall begin the distribution of a new set of 3 to 5 minutes animation videos of real life stories – testimonies of people who the gospel truth has transformed in a remarkable ways and also to communicate gospel truth in simplified manner. 

We now have the software and the stories. Content creation starts first quarter next year God willing. We covert your partnership in this area as well

*3) Partnership for Mission Organisations Needs*

We have the opportunity to engage with missionaries on the mission field and come across needs from time to time. If you are lead to so give, kindly select the option on the link above

*4) Partnership for Holistic support for orphans including Christian centric education*

We work with some Orphanages on our database as we are led..  If you are led to give in that respect, please kindly make the selection above

*5) Partnership for our full time team and mission needs*

May the Lord bless you as you partner with us to reach the world for Christ and to equip the saints for the work of ministry in their local context in Jesus name, amen


*Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe*
Ministering Ambassador
Otakada Cyber Church Ministries

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