The DUNAMIS Behind Daily Choices

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The Power behind our choices
The power behind the choices that we make

The DUNAMIS Behind Daily Choices

When I make my personal weaknesses as my core focus to the detriment of my strengths, I inadvertently create a picture of myself that is narrow and incomplete. My Choices Create Life Force or Death Force

What are the three most important choices I make daily?

1) How I see myself
2) How I see my relationships with God or others
3) How I see my environment and everything in it.

My Goal – I Choose life.
Question: How are about you?

Reference. Deut 30:15-20

Read and View the True story Video and transcript below –

“Gabes was a really neat little boy. Very, very active. Very curious. Very normal. Very happy little kid. He had lots of friends. He was always very well-liked.

He and his girlfriend came home one weekend and we were going to have like a big dinner and stuff like that. So I said to Gabes would you go and get some stuff I need from the supermarket. So I gave him some money and off he went to get the food.

I sort of expected him to back within about half an hour. After about an hour and a half, I said to Corina. “Oh, I wonder why Gabriel’s taking so long. What’s going on?” She said, “Well if you really want to know you’ll probably find him at Stella.” At that time Stella was a gaming venue.

I became aware that there were some gambling issues which I couldn’t really get my head around. So I tried to talk about it, although I was quite nervous of him. Quite anxious about having that sort of conversation with him because he was so irritable.

I talked a lot to my best friend about the problem and that was the support I needed. I think looking back as a family we could have benefited from some support.

Everything fell apart. No job. His girlfriend left him. He couldn’t afford the flat so he did actually have to come home. He came home. He spent quite a lot of time just on his own. Feeling a lot of pain and it was about eight months before he started coming out of that.

And once he started coming out of it things just kept getting better and better. I struggled the whole time to understand it. I eventually sort of put it in a framework that I could more easily understand. Which because I’d worked in alcohol and drug field.

Making a decision

I just stopped thinking of gambling and I just started thinking addiction. Going through that experience as a parent was a very significant experience for me to have. And it helped me to understand and to get a feel for problem gambling.”

Help for anyone fighting addition #addiction – Fight Addiction From Home –
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Here’s the thing though…

You’re addictions are impacting your daily life including your work, social or physical wellbeing. ​You’ve thought about going to traditional rehab or seeing a counsellor one on one.

You might have even gone to a couple of 12-step meetings or group sessions in your local community.

I’d also guess you have some hypnosis tapes laying around too!

And YES, you’ve taken some action and tried really hard on your own. You’ve tried some of the strategies from the countless books you’ve bought too…

But somehow you’re still just as addicted as before.

​How do I know this?

You’re not alone. I’ve worked with thousands of ​people in recovery…

​​People Just Like YOU!

​​​I’ve worked in countless mental health environments and discovered something deeply disturbing. The indus​try doesn’t want you to know that you can get help without them…

​ My name is Denise and I got my START with addiction and counselling 10 years ago right as the internet started to gain massive popularity.

Here I was working in mental health and rehab facilities who were still using pen, paper and no computers in sight! Hit this link to get started…

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