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INREACH – Engaging The Mysterious Aliens In Our Midst

Otakada.org Content No. 12,250

Discovery  Bible Study (DBS) Scripture: 2 Peter 2:1-22


Europeans evangelized the world but today Europe has collapsed into secularism and apostasy. America and Africans are repeating the same old mistake of leaving doorways for the enemy to take charge of the inner circle. As we deploy people and resources for reaching the unreached and unengaged, we should as a matter of urgency refocus people and resources to reach those unreached and unengaged within the four walls of the church because there are COUNTLESS  wolves in sheep’s clothing ravishing these clueless aliens within the four walls of the church.

We can identify them by these five (5 ) critical and crucial questions. Try it and watch out for surprises from pulpit to pew while helping them to find true pasture:

1) Do you know Jesus?

2) Does Jesus know You?

3) When was the last time Jesus spoke to you and what did He say?

4) What is the salvation message ?

5) When was the last time you were so overjoyed and excited about Jesus and what He is doing in your life that you shared with someone and they gave their life to receive the same joy you are experiencing?







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Talking about the pulpit from the DBS scripture above, Peter warned his readers against people who would try to discredit the truth of the scriptures. The chief error of these false teachers was in telling people what they wanted to hear. Peter urged God’s people: Don’t listen to them! These days, God’s standards for morality – sexual or otherwise – often come under attack for being out-of-date or too narrow. Like the false teachers of whom Peter wrote, people who think this way bring destruction on themselves . We break God’s laws to our own detriment. Our bodies are not made for sexual promiscuity. In giving us “strict rules,” God isn’t being “narrow-minded,” he’s being loving. 

Attached DBS study sheet and scriptures in English, French and Chinese.

These attached video is a wake up call to action. 


Otakada.org Team 


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