Kids gone wild

Subject – The Christian Church – Let’s Talk About Sex amongst kids and Teens – Understanding the Entrapment of Emotional and Sexual Entanglement: Kids Gone WILD – Awake to Children Ministry – Part 3 of 15

Listen to Minister Owen’s 51.44. Minutes audio –  Owen was molested as a 4-year-old kid, bringing awareness, detection, and strategies to apply to Children ministry – At home, in Church, School and in the frontlines…. shocking revelations on what is happening in the children departments and elsewhere

Owens Message – Awake to Christian Ministry – Lets Talk About Sex Among Teens and kids – Kids God wild

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Sunday, 1st of September 2019

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Nuggets of Wisdom

This is happening everywhere. It’s happening in private schools, it’s happening in the suburbs, it’s happening in the cities. Kids are doing it everywhere.”

—Stacy Kaiser, discussing rainbow parties

“We’re going to turn now to a disturbing new trend in the news among young girls. Very young girls. It has to do with jelly bracelets. And you’ve seen them. We want you to