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About Otakada.org and Publishing of Christian Contents

– Paperbacks, E-books, Audio, Sermons, Videos, films, training and Other Christian Contents

Otakada means “archive, or books for records” —

— Discovering, Harnessing and Liberating Christian content, One Content At A Time 
in books (Paperback, e-books, Audiobooks), Magazines, Photos, Music, Movies, Training, Educational and Other Vital Multimedia Contents








We facilitate the creation, storage, publishing, distribution of Christian multimedia contents to the global audience. We take content in whatever format, that is, paper manuscript, audio-tapes, video-tapes, drives, papyrus-scrolls, you name it and distribute  each content, one step at a time.

Otakada ValuesIntegrity, Excellence, Speed and profitability

Otakada VisionWe envision a discipled world.

Otakada MissionAll Our resources will be geared towards discovering, harnessing and liberating Christian content for worldwide distribution and application.

Our Goal – Source, Develop, Distribute over 1 million Discipleship, Evangelism and prayer Content all in one place by 2040 in paperbacks, ebooks, video, audio and other formats to help build intimacy with our heavenly Father in the secret place, disciple others and engaging with other believers in unity of the spirit.

Do you have any Christian content in any format or have one within you waiting to come out? We are open to consult with you, let you know of contents that are impactful and how to present them to a global audience. Kindly send us an email at info@otakada.org or via whatsapp no. +2348078012042 or visit our http//www.otakada.org/questionnaire and we will take it up from there. We make your content available on otakada.org, Apple itunes, Amazon and a host of other third party sites for as little is $50 USD.  Free Christian content remain free on https://www.shop.otakada.org . Join us as we reach the world for Christ via engaging Christian contents.

If you have difficulty ordering content from this site or other third party stores within our store, ,please let us know and we will strive to get you the content. Just click on product inquiry button on each product page or send us an email with the list of content to info@otakada.org or via our social media handle and we are sure to come back to you..


The Genesis devotional by Chinedu Oranye On Otakada.org I am an avid reader of Chinedu’s writing and what I enjoy is how real it is. He breaks down biblical understanding to practical every day language that one can easily grasp. He expresses his ideas with passion and straight from the heart which makes it easy to relate to the common human emotions that we all grapple with. This book will deepen your connections with the truth of God’s word


Lara Cookey


Thank U So Much Otakada, the order delivery was swift and i had no issues downloading e-books am already reading. I rate you 5 stars out of 5   Bradley

Appreciate you guys for the effort put in the current updated version of the ODM by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe downloaded, which has meet my expectation(directly typed, cleared and appealing for our studies). Wishing you people the best as you keep improving the new Otakada All in One Library app. To facilitate our prayer devotions and studies. Remain Blessed.
Musa S. Yashim.

Thanks for all the efforts. I was challenged about the new twist of having my ebooks on paperbacks. That’s a great effort on your part.
Festus N.

Wow! Thanks…Thank you sooo much for bringing up the 22 laws of creativity on Otakada and Also Amazon and Itunes.
Solomon A

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Showing 1–12 of 124 results