About Evangelist Clement Ekundayo

Evangelist Clement Ekundayo, writer and missionary journalist is the author and publisher of Christian counselling series. Before God called him into the counselling and literature ministry, he was an outstanding financial journalist. A graduate of international Relations from the University of Ife ( Obafemi Awolowo University) Ile-Ife, Evangelist Ekundayo is the Executive Director of Intercel Christian Counselling Centre, He is also the Editor-in Chief of GoldenPen Magazine. He is actively engaged in the production and distribution of gospel-aid materials. Visit Ekundayo’s content at



Seven Key Benefits Derived From Reading Evangelist Clement Books and Listen to his Music

  1. Reading the books brings you closer to your creator, the living God at all times.
  1. The Books are written in an easy-to-read manner with a view to informing, educating and entertaining you on the wonders of the living God.
  2. Supernatural Solutions to problems and challenges are offered through the books and music with the ultimate glory to God through the savior Jesus Christ
  3. The Books and music present Jesus Christ as the miracle working power capable of turning your reproach to glory.
  4. By reading the books and listening to the music, you will gain more wisdom and knowledge to fulfill your destiny and become what God meant you to be.
  5. The books and the music would equip you to know your status before the living God. A chosen generation, royal Priesthood, Holy Nation and Peculiar People with a view to acting likewise
  6. The Books and Music would energize you to live for Jesus Christ and Prepare for everlasting Life.



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