Dr. IU TANIMU-SAMINAKA, Ph.D. holds a doctor of philosophy degree from the International University Bamenda Cameroon, Central Africa. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the International University Bamenda. He owns degrees in agricultural extension and management, education, missiology, theology and transformational development. He is an independent researcher in “Sustainable Development” and senior lecturer and researcher with the American International University West Africa, The Gambia campus. He is the current Rector of ECWA International Theological Seminary, The Gambia. He has taught for more than 10 years in various bible colleges, seminaries and universities in Africa. He is the author is several works: “foundation for social transformation; translating human dignity, work and labour,” advocacy for social justice,” transforming the dignity of Africans,” and lots more which combine an interdisciplinary approach with a deep burden for social justice, good governance and sustainable development processes in Africa.

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