Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe is a marketplace ambassador of Christ with a heart for unity in the body of Christ. His face to face encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ on the 22nd of April 2006 changed the trajectory of His life forever.

As an ICT expert, he uses His skill to reach online seekers and equip the body of Christ to the work of ministry via his website where over 2 million Christian focused content are now hosted and distributed to a worldwide audience of both seekers and Christians.

He has written several books namely Borderless – Envisioning and experiencing one church community of believers without walls, borders and denomination;  Escape to a world of understanding – antidote to hatred against Muslims Christians and people everywhere; Win Life’s Battle Daily – a daily declaration of scripture geared to winning life daily; Engaging the Supernatural God – God is eager to speak are we hungry to speak?; Ignite the raw fire power within you – Where the Holy Spirit is available to do exploits through us and Break free revival prayers of 12 series from January to December – Praying for revival in our life’s in the church community around us.

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He publishes a weekly blog that reaches audience on social media, Satellite broadcast and on his publishing website

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He is married to Comfort and has four children namely Diana Odjo, Joseph – Ojima, David – Ojonogwa and Isaac – Unekwu

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