Rev. Prof. Yusufu Turaki, Ph.D. MNIM, mnc

Yusufu Turaki is a Distinguished Professor of Theology and Social Ethics at the Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) and Director of the Centre for the Study of Religion, Church and Society (CRCS), He is an ordained Minister with Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). He is a former Provost of JETS; was General Secretary of ECWA; National Vice-President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN); Regional Director, International Bible Society, Enugu, Nigeria; Language and Translation Consultant, International Bible Society, Africa Office; and Executive Secretary of Ethics, Peace and Justice Commission of the Association of the Evangelicals of Africa (AEA), Nairobi, Kenya.

He holds a Ph.D. in Social Ethics from Boston University; Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Yale Divinity School, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., USA; A double major Masters of Arts in Theological Studies (Theology and Ethics), Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, Mass., USA, Bachelor of Theology, Igbaja Theological Seminary, Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria; Higher School Certificate, Bida Government College, Bida, Niger State, Nigeria; West African School Certificate (WASC, Division I), Abuja Government Secondary School, Abuja (Suleja), Niger State, Nigeria.

He was an Associate Research Fellow with National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru; Research Scholar, Research Enablement Programme, Overseas Ministries Study Centre, New Haven, Con., USA; Post-Doctoral Research and Research Fellow, Yale Divinity School, Yale University, New Haven, Conn., USA; Archive Researcher on Christian Missions in Africa (USA, Canada and Nigeria); Theological Advisor, Africa Bible Commentary (ABC), Nairobi, Kenya; General Editor, Hausa Africa Bible Commentary, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria; Principal Investigator, Research on the Pentecostal Impact in Nigeria, Pentecostal and Charismatic Research Centre, University of Jos, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria; General Editor Africa Systematic Theology; Chairman ECWA Constitution Review Committee.

He is author of several books, chapters in books, articles, papers and manuscripts in ethics, theology, missions, development, colonialism, Islam, African Traditional Religion, worldview and culture and Nigerian Pentecostalism, books such as, The British Colonial Legacy in Northern Nigeria 1982, 1993); Tribal Gods of Africa (1997); Theory and Practice of Christian Missions in Africa (1999); Tribal Gods of Africa: Ethnicity, Racism, Tribalism and the Gospel of Christ (1997) Christianity and African Gods (1999); Foundations of African Traditional Religion and Worldview (2002, 2006); The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ (20006); Tainted Legacy: Islam, Colonialism and Slavery in Northern Nigeria (2010); The Trinity of Sin (2012), Historical Roots of Ethno-Religious Crises and Conflicts in Northern Nigeria (2017) and Manuscripts such as, “The Impact of Pentecostalism in Nigeria”; “Historical Roots of Crises and Conflicts in Nigeria”; “Universal Moral Laws: Theistic and Creational Foundations of Morality and Ethics”; and “Christianity and African Traditional Religion: A Systematic Examination of the Interactions of Religions”.
He has personal experience in the following areas: Family; Pastoral and Church; Teaching; Academic, Scholarly and Education Administration; Research; Institutional Development; Church Administration and Leadership at both National and International Levels; Cross-Cultural National and International Experience; Ecumenical Experience at both National and International Levels; Inter-Religious and Islamic Experience; Government and Political Experience; and Bible Translation Experience.

He is a member of various national and international organizations, Boards and Committees. He was member 2014 National Conference, Abuja.
He is married to Deborah and they both have 4 children.

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