Abeka Academy Grade 2 Full Year Video & Books Enrollment (Accredited)


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Abeka Academy provides homeschoolers with a way to give students a quality education without hours of planning! Gain more family time and receive all the benefits of homeschooling without the burden of doing everything yourself.

Expert teachers draw on their years of experience (and their love for students!) to make difficult concepts simple, motivate students to do their best, and make all students feel like they’re part of the class. The video teacher addresses “boys and girls watching” to include your children in the classroom; they will also have a turn to participate in the games, contests, and drills. While enjoying the fun and expanded learning of the classroom experience, your children will have the benefit of your one-on-one guidance at home as you listen to them read and check their work.

The prerecorded video lessons give you the flexibility to set your own daily schedule, and you have a full 12 months to complete the 170 lessons, which take less than a half day each. Since the lessons are pre-recorded you can do school anytime, anywhere!

This “tuition & books” kit includes access to the video lessons, the Abeka books you’ll need, and the Abeka video manual that will help you stay on track with the video teacher (please see theBook List PDF for the full list of included materials).

After you purchase your enrollment redemption code from Christianbook.com, you’ll receive an email that will bring you to Abeka Academy, where you’ll complete your enrollment. There, you’ll have options of whether you’d like to receive DVDs (which will need to be returned to Abeka after 12 months) or streaming videos (which will expire after 12 months) and what begin date you’d like to set.

By purchasing this item, you’re purchasing accredited Abeka Academy courses. This accredited option provides a free official report card, transcript, diploma upon graduation, personal dashboard with due dates/tests/quizzes, and 1 standardized test per year – in exchange, you’ll:

  • Have due dates (quarterly in Grades 4-12, every 6 weeks in K-3rd )
  • Fill out a proof of completion for enrollments in grades 2-9
  • Send in transcripts of any previous high school courses for enrollments in grades 10-12
  • Follow the accredited high school plan to meet graduation requirements
  • Make sure your students watch the video lessons
  • Send tests & quizzes to Abeka Academy for evaluation
  • Return required course work to Abeka Academy within 6-12 months of your begin date

If you’re looking for the unaccredited homeschool option please click here.

Please see the attached Scope & Sequence PDF for a list of topics covered in this Grade 2 program.

After you place an order for this item, you will be sent a redemption code and instructions to set up your enrollment. The physical items in this kit will only ship after you have redeemed your enrollment.


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