Exploring Creation with Mathematics Student Text, Level 2


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Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Mathematics elementary math program will help students make strong connections between math and science and between math and our Creator! Rather than simply studying abstract mathematical principles, connections are taught so students understand the value math. Colorful and age-appropriate lesson layouts make learning exciting for your child; “Seeing our Creator” devotionals at the beginning of each unit help students learn about God and how math is “the language in which God has written the universe!”

In Apologia Math Grade 2, students advance to adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers, telling time, manipulating money, and learning more about measurement, data collection, and more detailed geometry, including 3D shapes.

This course features a suggested daily schedule that reflects a systematic progression from one skill to the next to help minimize frustration. Plus, fun and easy-to-use games help ensure students are ready for the next level of math concepts. Options and suggestions for adjusting a lesson if your child is struggling or if your child is advancing quickly through the material are also provided.

Grade 2.

376 pages, spiralbound.

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