You Don’t Know What You have by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

You Don’t Know What You have

by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

The patriarchs did not find it easy understanding why God chooses to deal with man. So, men like Job and David confronted God with questions. In the days of his trial, Job cried out:

“What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him? and that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him? And that thou shouldest visit him every morning, and try him every moment? How long will not thou depart from me, nor let me alone till I swallow down my spittle?” (Ps. 7:17‒19).

In fact, somewhere in that chapter, Job screamed out “. . . let me alone, for my days are vanity” (v.16b). God would not let Job alone. He was in desperate need of a man.

Twice in the Psalms, David exclaimed:


You Can Rule Where You Are by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

You Can Rule Where You Are

by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

In the secular world, a man can only rule when he asserts himself or employs physical force where he is working. In God’s kingdom, a man that rules is not the one that asserts himself or employs physical force but one that submits to God’s authority as he passes through several spiritual dealings.

Most times, it is a meek man that rules, not a strong man. It is a meek or broken man that rules, not alone but with God, and that is why he exerts power wherever he finds himself. It is such a man that can rule over forces contrary to Christ in his environment. It takes passing through many things in the hands of God before a man can have power with God and with men.


Where Are You In The Journey by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

Where Are You In The Journey

by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

It is a spiritual assessment of a Christian’s progress with Christ.

An aerial view of the landmarks of the Christian journey, the book helps a Christian to know where he is and what he should do to finish the journey in line with the heavenly pattern.

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The Cross And The World System by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

The Cross And The World System

by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

The place of the cross in deliverance from the corroding influence of the world on our Christian live.

As Heaven has its principles, so the world has its own principles. There are divine principles given to a Christian for walking in daily victory. A Christian cannot live according to the world’s principles and enforce the authority of the Kingdom where he is. A Christian who lives according to the ways of the world does not have the moral authority to change the people of the world. A man who can deal with the world and overthrow its principles is a man who can stand tall and apart from it. This book leads a Christian on how to live his life in a way he can overcome the world.

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Prayer The Christians’ Airpower Your Response by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada

Prayer The Christians’ Airpower

Your Response To The Missions Challenge

by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada

Prayer, especially, mission praying has never been sustained through merely organizing mission programmes. Some Christians out of emotion would shout and jump during such meetings but at the end, they never pray again for the unreached until, may be, another year when they gather for another programme.

We must trust God to catch the spirit of prayer. This however, is a personal thing. The reason is because a programme may kindle a prayerful spirit, but cannot sustain a prayerful spirit. Catching the spirit of prayer is what sustains a prayerful spirit. The will to spend time with God alone and to pray for the nations on a consistent basis often leads men to catch the spirit of prayer, and ultimately the spirit of missions. My prayer is that you catch this spirit as you read through this little book, and pray, pray and pray!

The copies of the first edition, titled, “Prayer, A Christian Response to the Missions Challenge” had exhausted. A Christian brother who read the book visited and told me how he took a copy of the book to his church and read some excerpts to the audience as he challenged the church on the matter of prayer. And he requested for more copies. I told him we did not have them again, except a few. He asked what it would cost to do a re-print.

This revised edition with some excerpts from two previous editions of Occupy, centering on the theme Prayer & Missions has been reproduced, courtesy of the generosity of this brother.

It is my prayer that through this book our eyes will be further opened to see the incredible power prayer has in throwing wide open, the gates of hell when His Church takes mission praying as business.

Painfully today, prayer, a great weapon for revival, national rebirth and turning nations to Christ is being misused and abused. When a church, which is supposed to be a house of prayer for all nations, is turned to a house of prayer for self and personal vendetta against perceived enemies, it jeopardizes the purpose for which God has established the Church.

Prayer, the Christian’s Airpower, is a call for Christians to go back to selfless intercessory prayer for church revival and the evangelization of the nations.

About The Author

Festus Ndukwe is known for his passion for Christian consecration and spiritual power in Christian service. His desire is to carry out the purpose of God and show forth His strength to his generation -through anointed preaching and writing.

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Man And The New Creation by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

Man And The New Creation

by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada.org

It is a spiritual profile of a man in the new creation.

This book explore the limitless capacity of the new creation and how the Christian is to provoke them to operation when found in real life situations.

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A Call To Discipleship by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada

A Call To Discipleship

by Festus Ndukwe, Otakada

Call to discipleship remains the only method that God uses to set a man apart from his peers and make him great in the kingdom.

Real treasures are buried deep under the belly of the soil. Christ is more than any treasure. We must dig and dig and dig to know Him. We must dig out sin as the first layer, the world as the second layer and self as the last layer if we are to find Christ. When will you begin to do this? Time is not on our side!

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