The Christian Church: Clueless – Go Make Disciples – Marketplace Discipleship – The Kingdom Strikes back | 5-Minutes Clip and Are You a Disciple or Just a Christian? | 10-Minutes Clip – Part 10 of 12

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Subject – The Christian Church: Clueless – Go Make Disciples – Marketplace Discipleship – The Kingdom Strikes back | 5-Minutes Clip and Are You a Disciple or Just a Christian? | 10-Minutes Clip – Part 10 of 12 content count 2,115,757

Sunday, 21st of July 2019

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Salt and Light - Be one
Salt and light – Be One!
Marketplace Discipleship in 5 minutes
Qualification for discipleship – Are you a disciple or just a Christian

Nuggets of Wisdom

“I believe that one of the next great moves of God is going to be through the believers in the workplace.” —Billy Graham

“What is the greatest crisis of discipleship in the life of the Church today? Is it the crisis of spiritual consumerism, carnality, prayerlessness, leadership or all of the above? The greatest crisis is that we cannot see the crisis! We cannot define the very terms of discipleship Jesus has given us: “If any man come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me.’ (Luke 9:23).

If you are trying to understand why it doesn’t work, learn the fundamental principles by which the lordship of Jesus and the dynamic Kingdom life of discipleship can be realized in your life and in your church. There’s a truth, a fundamental call, a spiritual dynamic that will change your life and your church!

” – Rev. Edmund Chan

“Are you a disciple or just a Christian? Is there a difference between the two? Jesus told us to go and make disciples, but instead we make Christians. We are often guilty of not preparing people for what it TRULY means to be a fully-devoted follower of Jesus Christ. In Luke 14:25-35 Jesus is brutally honest about what it means to be a disciple rather than just being a Christian.” – Allen Parr

“Can you contemplate a world without salt and light? That is what Jesus has called us to be and if we don’t live up to the task, somebody else will and we can’t dictate the outcome” – Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe – – Matthew 5:13-16

Key verses for Today:

Matthew 28:18-20 Amplified Bible (AMP)

18 Jesus came up and said to them, “All authority (all power of absolute rule) in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations [help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always [remaining with you perpetually—regardless of circumstance, and on every occasion], even to the end of the age.”

Luke 14:25-34 The Message (MSG)

Figure the Cost

25-27 One day when large groups of people were walking along with him, Jesus turned and told them, “Anyone who comes to me but refuses to let go of father, mother, spouse, children, brothers, sisters—yes, even one’s own self!—can’t be my disciple. Anyone who won’t shoulder his own cross and follow behind me can’t be my disciple.

28-30 “Is there anyone here who, planning to build a new house, doesn’t first sit down and figure the cost so you’ll know if you can complete it? If you only get the foundation laid and then run out of money, you’re going to look pretty foolish. Everyone passing by will poke fun at you: ‘He started something he couldn’t finish.’

31-32 “Or can you imagine a king going into battle against another king without first deciding whether it is possible with his ten thousand troops to face the twenty thousand troops of the other? And if he decides he can’t, won’t he send an emissary and work out a truce?

33 “Simply put, if you’re not willing to take what is dearest to you, whether plans or people, and kiss it good-bye, you can’t be my disciple.

34 “Salt is excellent. But if the salt goes flat, it’s useless, good for nothing.

“Are you listening to this? Really listening?”


Dear brethren, welcome to the tenth series on the Christian church – Go make disciples. Today, we exploring two inputs from Rev Edmund Chan on the need to engage the marketplace and Allen Parr providing us the litmus test for who is a disciple and who is not so that we can consider, learn and apply to our specific situation and circumstances – Your life, my life and everything and everyone around us are our mission fields. Don’t ever settle to the mindset that when you are out of your immediate environment, then mission field happens. Mission field is right in your home, your immediate environment, your work place, your trip to places you have been and seen, our struggle and victories through lives up and downs and how we are able to keep our heads above water, through it all by His grace. Mission field is essentially borderless


How do we redeem the marketplace for Jesus? Think for a moment. Where do the MAJORITY of men and women spend a MAJORITY of their time interacting with a MAJORITY of the lost world? At church? In the neighbourhood? NO. In the workplace! Yet, as Doug Sherman, in Your Work Matters to God, indicates: “Our surveys reveal that 90-97% of Christians have never heard a sermon relating biblical principles to their work life.” For many, work can be a drag. Many find their jobs unfulfilling. They hate Mondays and can’t wait for Fridays. They live for weekends and vacations. According to a Princeton management survey of the American public, 62% of Americans say they hate their jobs! Is that the way it’s supposed to be? What should be the Christian’s response to work?

Conclusion and prayer.

In our Christian race, the call to discipleship or disciple making is the core of the matter. Everything else rises and falls to the level of our commitment to discipleship or disciple making. That is the last command to us by Christ Jesus and we must of necessity make it of utmost priority. The way to be committed to disciple making is to make one.!

God has placed us where we are for a reason, for a purpose and for a time such as this. Are we ready to partner with Him to reach souls for Him or are we ready to focus on me, myself and I?  May He find us faithful and commitment to the work of discipleship as we work with resources (human and material) the Lord has placed alongside us.

Thank you Lord for helping us by Your grace to make disciples as you have commanded. Help us to be willing as You provide the needed grace and opportunities for discipleship in the marketplace in Jesus name, amen


Monday Ogwuojo Ogbe – E-discipleship @

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