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Book Title:How to know the One to Marry

How to Know the One to Marry by Gilbert Ibe and Moyosola Ibe is a work of nonfiction based on biblical references, biblical teachings, personal experiences, and references of the same.

One-sentence description of the book: A scriptural guide to help singles know whom to marry, and marry right.

Long description:A practical guide to help the unmarried know whom to marry by the leading of the Holy Spirit. There are God-given signs that helps an individual know if they are in a right or wrong courtship. For example, two of the signs if one is in a right relation are peace of mind (Prov 10:22) and agreement (Amos 3:3).
The book is an eye opener and has blessed many people today with happy marriages.

Genre #1
Main Category:Teaching singles marriage
Sub Category: The Unmarried
Genre #2
Main Category:Signs you are in a right or wrong  courtship

Our  ministry: Power of Anointing  Ministry worldwide.

Ufuma ,Orumba North local government Area.

Anambra state , Nigeria.

I am from Anambra state and my wife, Moyosola Ibe is from  Ekiti state of Nigeria. We have been married for 28 years &  co-authored the book 'How to know the one to marry'.  God called us to bring life into families and to guide singles into choosing their right partner.

We are open for invitation to minister in Singles/Marriage programs..

We've spoken  in USA, Europe and Africa. People are free to send questions to us on relationships.


Please get in touch with us through telephone, email or via Facebook only.


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