The Twelve Laws of Wealth Creation (Expanded Edition) by Rev Eric Ighalo




The Twelve Laws of Wealth Creation Expanded Edition by Eric Ighalo

The Twelve Laws of Wealth Creation – Money battles and the search for it has split families, ruined relationships, and closed down organizations!! Yet. its possession and good handling has immense capacity to do good. Oh. 1 wish I knew the truths shared in this book when I was in my early school years or had someone counsel me along these lines.

Like any other skill that an ordinary street person can learn and be proficient in-so is the skill of creating wealth. This book sets you up right away of the very practical path of how!!!

Like how every skill is learnt-desire, determination, consistency and patience. Within five years from today EVERY SINGLE practitioner of these laws will not only have a testimony to tell BUT will be a testimony to their peers and families!!!

There are a number of well acknowledge text books and financial theories on wealth creation. They are also very challenging to most young people and non-finance professionals to grasp and translate to day -to day practical application. This books fills this gap. Written in an easy to read style with the focus on direct practical application-as well as supportive Illustrations and quotes to drive the learning points home-even the poorest reader can be at home with the book

The book was designed also NOT as just a work manual to enable the reader set SMART goals after each chapter within a pre-determined timeline to ensure action is activated as soon as reading is over; but also as an easy -to -use teaching aid on the subject matter.


I am honoured to write the Foreword to The Twelve Laws of Wealth Creation, written by a long-standing brother and friend of three decades, Rev. Eric Ighalo. It is a book that is borne of both knowledge and experience, filled with nuggets of practical wisdom, and containing time-tested principles that will allow all who read it to achieve some level of financial freedom as time goes by. It has been written by a man whopractices what he preaches.

I would describe The Twelve Laws of Wealth Creation as essential reading for all. The laws of life that it highlights can be followed by anyone, and are applicable to all persons at all stages in life. Written in easy-to read language, it is a book that goes straight to the point. Also, the laws are a combination of practical and spirit-filled laws, which is to be expected, as Rev. Eric has been a pillar of the Christian faith, even as he has continued his career as a financial adviser.

I see it as particularly necessary for people in Nigeria during this period of reduced government earnings, and rising prices of essential items, because its laws will help provide a buffer. Those that read and apply its principles will not only survive the present economic hardships, but will come out stronger and better when the good times come, as they always do.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this book, and that you will sow the seeds that will cause you to reap a life of wealth.

Prof. Yinka Omorogbe

“Money brings to its possessor responsibility and a changed position with his fellow man. It brings fear lest he lose it or it be tricked away from him. It bringeth a feeling of power and ability to do good. Likewise, it bringeth opportunities whereby his good intentions may bring him into difficulties”

-paraphrased from “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George Clason

“By your great wisdom in trade, you have increased your riches…and your heart is lifted up because of your riches. Because your heart is lifted up…you say “I am a god.”

-Prophet Ezekiel (586 B.C)


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