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39797f58 b5c6 4ca0 b419 9a054fe61fc1 I have decided that it is literally impossible for Kimberly Duffy to write a novel that is light, easy to read, or uninspiring.  She simply can’t do it!  And I mean this in the most admiring way possible…. “The Weight of Air” is a masterpiece that combines so many elements together into a novel that is deep, challenging, and awe-inspiring to the utmost.  It is unusual and complex, and probes the depths of human nature with themes such as what it means to be strong, where our worth comes from and who defines it, and how love can be portrayed in so many different ways – but not all of them true. 

41a1731b ae9c 48c6 8184 835f53352336 The Weight of Air” is not, however, a book that I would describe as comfortable or cozy.  It is just too challenging for that – it makes us take a deep look inside, and ask ourselves difficult questions.  It shows characters making devastating decisions, although we can’t truly say we wouldn’t perhaps make those same choices in similar circumstances.  And it reveals to us a way of life that none of us could imagine – a circus family in the early 1900s.  

Without question, this story is a deep and challenging read – but also a very inspiring one. It is for mature readers, and it is bound to make you think and ponder your own life in new ways, if you let it.  Does this sound like a book you are ready for?  If so, I highly recommend the newest, incredible masterpiece from Kimberly Duffy.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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