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The Christian Church – Reaching Out To Muslims With the Message and Love of Christ –Discovery Bible Study Process For Muslim Seekers – Part 7

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Creation(Genesis) to Christ #1(2) What is a discovery Bible Study Process

Subject – The Christian Church – Reaching Out To Muslims With the Message and Love of Christ –Discovery Bible Study Process For Muslim Seekers – Part 7


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Sunday, 12th May 2019


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“Don’t re-invent the wheel.”


Key verses for Today:

John 6:44 NLT- For no one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them to me, and at the last day I will raise them up.




Dear brethren, welcome to our seventh and final series which is meant to equip the Church of Jesus Christ to reach out to Muslims with the message and love of Christ. This is our final series that will give us the tools to help us get the job done by partnering with the Holy Spirit using a Discovery Bible Study process. You allow the bible do the job and you just supervise with NO teaching and NO preaching. Lets begin..

What is a Discovery Bible Study Process

A Discovery Bible Study (or DBS) is a tool often used in Disciple Making Movements (DMM). It is a one of the many building blocks. It is used to equip people who want to learn who Jesus is, for people who have already decided to follow Jesus, for the training of leaders, but also for personal Bible study.


The principle

The basic idea of a Discovery Bible Study is that God’s Word and God’s Spirit together are powerful enough to make real disciples and strong leaders. It is not about learning a lesson, but to discover who Jesus is, to see for yourself what God asks of us, how to be good leaders. All by using only the Bible. In a DBS group setting, the leader is not the teacher, but only the person who leads by asking questions. Interesting; Jesus often taught people by asking good questions.


Basic rules for good DBS

  • Each answer is valid, as long as it has to do with the text that you are studying
  • If someone understands something really wrong, refer him back to the Bible passage. Is it still not clear, help the person to discover the answer itself.
  • Discussion is not allowed, only interaction to understand the answer better
  • Don’t involve other texts, traditions or opinions of others. Stay with the text.

A Discovery Bible Study starts with selecting a complete passage, so for example a full story, or some other part of the Bible that has a beginning and an ending.

There are many on the Internet to find DBS sets. Some specially for seekers, other sets on the basics of living with God, others for Muslims, etc. Choose a set that fits your target audience. You will find complete set for different audience on otakada.org via link https://www.otakada.org/dbs-dmm/ and download study material specific to the set. For Muslim seekers, Creation to Christ and Psalms to Christ will be a great start. You don’t preach or teach, you allow the seeker do the discovery while you lead and the Holy Spirit does the work. You can print any combination of languages from Arabic, Chinese to Yoruba or Hindi. There are hundreds of languages to choose from.

Find attached the first printout for Creation (Genesis) to Christ to get the ball rolling. This is under evangelism for a pair between a French speaker and an English speaker who might be the supervisor. You even add a third language if you desire for study in a group.

The process

  1. Read the Bible passage aloud.

Preferably in two different Bible translations.


  1. Do or Go in pairs and try to retell the story in your own words.

Do this twice and help each other by adding if there are things missing in the retold story.


  1. Answer the following questions:

3.1 What do you learn in this passage about God or Jesus that shows who God is?

3.2 What do you learn in this passage about people or humanity?

3.3 What command is there to follow? or what example to follow?

3.4 How do you obey in the coming week with what God have thought you in this


3.5 To whom will you share this story, coming week?


It is very important to answer question 3.4 specific.

The idea is to start your next DBS meeting with the question: Have you done, want you decided to do? and with who did you share the story of last week?

Conclusion and prayer.

We must realize that there is no vacuum as regards the souls of men and women. I am either filled with the spirit of God or something else. Our call is to go and make disciples of all nations and it is important to work with resources and tools that bring lasting results by reaching out to our brothers and sisters that the Lord has endowed with wisdom and understanding to reach specific demographics or people groups. May the Lord help us to step out of our comfort zone and engage with the sea of humanity in our neighborhood in Jesus name




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